Home Style Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” Video Was Released Without Her Permission (Video)

Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” Video Was Released Without Her Permission (Video)

by Joseph
Kate Upton Cat Daddy

Kate Upton Cat Daddy

One of the key moments in Kate Upton’s meteoric rise to superstardom happened back in 2012, when America’s Creepy Uncle Terry Richardson released a video of the model doing the “Cat Daddy.” The video was integral to her continued fame, but in an interview from last year with Vogue UK she revealed that she was less than pleased when it first came out.

While this is unfortunately far from the creepiest thing that Terry Richardson ever did inside his photography studio, it appears to not be a big issue now, since according to the interview Kate Upton says “Now, obviously, it’s fine.” I guess a multimillion dollar career will have a way of smoothing over the rough patches of how you got there.

This tidbit from the interview with Vogue UK is only now making the rounds online, thanks to the magazine running a big feature in advance of the Vogue Festival happening later this month (with an appearance from, you guessed it, Kate Upton). You can read that feature here, and if you somehow missed the “Cat Daddy” video since 2012, you can take a look below.

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