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KarTent: Cardboard Tent Designed for Outdoor Festivals

by Joseph


In the past, anybody who spent the night under cardboard was thought to have either run into some bad luck, poor life choices, or both. But now the cardboard life has been converted into something a little more efficient than grabbing a couple hours of sleep underneath a pizza box — the KarTent, a recyclable cardboard tent expressly designed for outdoor festivals.

The KarTent is guaranteed to keep up to three days of rain out of its comfortable enclosure, accessed via a single door in the front (along with an air vent) and with room for two people inside. And unlike other tents, you don’t have to take it home with you, since it’s totally recyclable and relatively cheap by tent standards.

More precisely, a KarTent will set you back 50 euro (or around $55) at the Best Kept Secret Boutique (affiliated with the annual Best Kept Secret musical festival in the Netherlands) right here.

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