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Karma: A Pay-As-You-Go WiFi Hotspot (Video)

by Joseph


Everyone who pays a bill for internet service every month has a sneaking suspicion tucked away in the back of their minds: They’re paying too much for internet. But short of the tactical cancellation call, there’s not much you can do about it. Not, at least, without Karma, a new WiFi hotspot that gives users a new way to pay for WiFi.

Basically, with Karma, you only pay for data that you use, with no contracts or even any flat monthly fees. After you get the Karma hotspot, you only pay for $14 for every gigabyte you use online. Unless you’re going through terabytes of data every month, you’re bound to come out ahead (just don’t give any of your neighbors your WiFi password).

Karma can be shared over as many as eight devices, and you can get one for a special promotional rate of $50 (that’s 50% off the usual price) for a couple more weeks at the Karma website here. You can also watch a video about Karma below:

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