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Karlbox: Karl Lagerfeld’s Almost $3,000 Box of Colored Pencils

by Joseph


When legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld sits down to make some sketches, his art supplier of choice is Faber-Castell, from which he keeps 350 drawing tools in his personal arsenal. Now, a limited edition item lets buyers have their own luxury duplication of Lagerfeld’s crayons: The Karlbox.

Unlike your typical Crayola box, the Karlbox A: Doesn’t include any literal crayons, and B: Will set you back almost three grand. What it does include within its Chinese wedding chest-inspired housing is a set of “Polychromos color pencils, Pitt ink pens and Castell 9000 graphite pencils along with brushes, a foldable cup, erasers and sharpeners,” as well as the complete the Albrecht Dürer range of 120 pencils, the same that Lagerfeld himself prefers to use.

The Karlbox is available for purchase now from Faber-Castell and Karl Lagerfeld locations, with wider availability reportedly scheduled for later this month. Its precise price tag comes to $2,850, but there only 2,500 of them made, so you better snap yours up now if you’re going to.

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