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Karjala 100-Pack: The World’s First 100-Pack of Beer (Video)

by Joseph
Karjala 100-Pack

Karjala 100-Pack

On April 1st of this year, Finnish brewery Karjala unveiled the Karjala 100-Pack, which as its name suggests is a hundred-pack of beer for only the most disciplined and/or socially dominant beer drinkers. Everyone naturally assumed it was an April Fool’s Day prank, but as it turns out this is a real item that you can reportedly actually buy.

The Karjala 100-Pack is the best way imaginable to celebrate the first centennial of Finland, which was officially established as its own independent nation on December 6th, 1917. So if you were able to acquire one today, then drank about a beer every other day, you could possibly make it last until then.

Much of the information about the Karjala 100-Pack appears to be in, you guessed it, Finnish, but I did find a “rude unboxing video” that proves it’s a real product below. Expect Miller or some other beer brand to up the ante with a 1000-Pack sometime soon.

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