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Karalux Unveils 24K Gold-Plated iPad Air 2

by Joseph
Gold-Plated iPad Air 2

It didn’t take long for luxury brands like Karalux to come out with a gold-plated iPad Air 2. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since gold-plated tech products have been around for an eternity in internet years, but it’s still somewhat shocking to see gear like the already-pricy iPad Air 2 getting an even more expensive makeover.

The Karalux gold-plated iPad Air 2 is coated in a shimmering 24-karat gold plating, but other than that it’s just a regular iPad Air 2. So it’s a good way to announce to everyone around you, even the people with iPads, that you are richer than they are.

How much richer? The gold-plated iPad Air 2 from Karalux costs about $1,173 for the 16GB iteration, and you can get yours at the Karalux website here. Or for a slightly more economically sound option, you can just take a look at a few photos of the product in the gallery below, which costs you absolutely nothing and won’t likely lead to your victimization by social revolutionaries.


Gold-Plated iPad Air 2Gold-Plated iPad Air 2Gold-Plated iPad Air 2

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