Home Style Kanye West Signs Fake Air Yeezy 2s (Video)

Kanye West Signs Fake Air Yeezy 2s (Video)

by Joseph
Kanye signs fake Yeezys

Kanye signs fake Yeezys

Here’s a fun story that proves Kanye West really knows his stuff when it comes to sneakers—at least the ones that bear his own name and design.

A Kanye diehard managed to catch his attention with what he thought was a pair of “Red October” Air Yeezy 2s, and as Kanye applied his autograph, he delivered a bad piece of news to the fan: “These are not real, you know that right?”

I doubt the guy was too upset, since he now has a pair of fake Air Yeezy 2s signed by Kanye West, which is arguably even cooler than an authentic pair with a Ye autograph. Still, he went through the motions of telling Kanye the news broke his heart, perhaps out of politeness.

Video of the incident was posted online by the Team Kanye Daily Instagram account, which you can see a lot more from here.  And you can see Kanye West signing a fake pair of Air Yeezy 2s below.


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