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Kammok Roo: A Hammock You Can Actually Sleep In

by Joseph
Kammok Roo

The hammock is one of those things that always seem a lot cooler if you’ve never actually had one. In theory, they seem great, but in practice they can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and a recipe for slapstick disaster. But the people at Kammok have come up with the Kammok Roo, a hammock that retains most or all of the great things about the hammock while ditching the bad stuff.

The Kammok Roo trades the usual knotty rope for a lightweight and breathable diamond ripstock fabric developed by Kammok. This trade is a significant one, since it makes the Roo comfortable, durable, easily stored, and easily set up, which puts it at least four up over the typical hammock.

Take a look at the Kammok Roo in the gallery below, and for more information or to buy one for just under $99, head over to the Kammok online store here.

Here are the photos:

Kammok RooKammok Roo

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