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The Kahiko Table Costs $100,000

by Joseph
Kahiko Table

I think both of the tables in my apartment were acquired through Craigslist for under $50, but you know what? It might be time for an upgrade. And assuming I can scrape together a solid hundred grand, the Kahiko Table from Ancientwood might be just the thing.

The primary component of the Kahiko Table that makes it so expensive is its unique “mega-curl” grain, which gives the wood it’s constructed from a 3D optical illusion “wave” effect that might serve to distract guests from the fact that you dropped a hundred thousand dollars on a table. The base is a blend of wood and carbon fiber that’s visually engineered as an “offering” gesture, as in, “enjoy this really expensive table, please remember to use a coaster.”

The Ancientwood Kahiko Table is available now at the Ancientwood online store here, at the aforementioned price of $100,000. Interestingly, there’s only one in stock as of this writing, so you better act fast. And you can see what a $100,000 table looks like in the gallery below, no 3D glasses required:

Kahiko TableKahiko Table


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