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Kaffeeform: Recycled Coffee Grounds Can Make Coffee Cups (Photos)

by Joseph

I recently saw a movie in which Paul Newman’s character woke up, stumbled to his coffee maker, realized he didn’t have any coffee left, and used the old grounds from the day before to make his morning cup. Until today, I thought that was the height of coffee ground recycling, but now I know about Kaffeeform, a material made from old coffee grounds that can be used to make, for example, coffee cups.

Kaffeeform coffee cups aren’t just an example, they’re the first line of products to come out made from the material, which was developed by Julian Lechner after a reported five years of research and development. The material smells like, you guessed it, coffee, and is graced with a marblewood-like visual impression, so at least three of your five senses will be satisfied by each cup of coffee you drink out of it.

Unfortunately for the world at large, this first run of Kaffeeform coffee cups will only be available in a limited edition of 250 cups exclusively at the upcoming Amsterdam Coffee Festival. But you can see a couple of photos of the cups in the gallery below and see more about this new material right here.

Here’s the gallery:




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