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K1X Franchise Series Basketball Jersey Tank Tops

by Joseph
K1X Franchise Series
K1X Franchise SeriesK1X Franchise SeriesK1X Franchise Series

German streetwear brand K1X has released three new basketball jersey-inspired tank tops that sport visuals you’re not likely to see being used during an NBA game.

These three jerseys make up the brand’s new Franchise Series, and the three NBA franchises being represented are the following: the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks, and the Brooklyn Nets.

Featuring everything from floral patterns to map prints, and one big boombox graphic, these tank tops are openly street-inspired and much wilder than anything you’ve seen anyone on the Heat, Knicks, or Nets wearing on the court.

If this sounds like your style, or the best way to support your NBA team, head to the K1X online store here. And you can check out all three tank tops from the K1X Franchise Series in the gallery at the top.

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