Home Entertainment ‘Justice League’ Trailer Features Appropriate Bowie Cover (Video)

‘Justice League’ Trailer Features Appropriate Bowie Cover (Video)

by Joseph
Justice League trailer

Justice League trailer

DC and Warner Bros. went on the promotional offensive last week, promising fans a new Justice League trailer to satisfy their increasing appetite for what the new movie will be like. They finally delivered on Sunday, with a new trailer featuring lots of new footage from the movie, and scored to a thematically appropriate cover of David Bowie’s song “Heroes.”

Well, kind of thematically appropriate anyway, as the Justice League is indeed populated by heroes. I don’t think Bowie’s song is about superheroes per se, and even Aquaman gets to be a hero for more than one day, but whatever. In any case, here’s the new Justice League trailer – be sure to stay through the end for a funny exchange between The Flash and Bruce Wayne (who, and keep this to yourself, is also Batman):

Believe it or not, Justice League hits theaters next month, and in the meantime you can visit its official site right here.


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