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June Intelligent Oven: An Oven Smarter Than You (Video)

by Joseph
June Intelligent Oven

June Intelligent Oven

It had to happen eventually – an oven that can recognize what you put inside it, and cook it automatically. It’s the June Intelligent Oven, an oven connected to the cloud and equipped with a touchscreen, not one but two built-in temperature probes, and even an HD video camera, all with the goal of making this the smartest and easiest oven in history.

The June Intelligent Oven fits on almost any counter top but it has enough space for a 12-inch pizza, whole chicken, and pretty much any other typical goods you could put inside it. Like seemingly everything else coming out these days, it can be controlled via iPhone or iPad app, but it’s engineered to require only basic input from you, handling the cooking itself automatically and in less time and using less energy than a conventional oven.

This kind of cooking power doesn’t come cheap, and pre-orders for the June Intelligent Oven start at $1,500 on the product’s website here. But for free you can watch a video of the oven in action below.

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