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Juicero: The World’s First In-Home Cold-Press Juicer (Video)

by Joseph


Ask any juice-drinker, and they’ll tell you it’s all about the juice. But up to this point the market has lacked a cold-press juicer for home use.

It’s called Juicero, and it’s a counter top juicer that works with proprietary juice packs and seeks to eliminate the usual hassles associated with juicing.

The most important feature of Juicero is probably the fact that it allows you to make fresh juice without any cleanup. That’s because instead of purchasing and preparing your own produce to be juiced, Juicero works with refrigerated juice packs—it’s akin to the Keurig K-Cup model, but with fresh juice instead of coffee.

You can acquaint yourself with Juicero by watching the promotional video below. You can also get more information at the product’s official site here. Unfortunately it’s only available in the California area now, but hopefully it will be more widely available soon.

Here’s the video:

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