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Juggernaut: World’s Largest Growler From DrinkTanks

by Joseph


Beer drinkers know that a traditional growler is considered to be one that holds between 32 and 64 ounces of beer. But the people at DrinkTanks have realized that a good way to draw a lot of attention to your products is to explode the traditional notions of how big a certain thing is supposed to be. And so we have the Juggernaut, a growler that DrinkTanks says is the largest in the world.

Put more precisely, the DrinkTanks Juggernaut is a whopping 128 ounces, veering it into mini-keg territory. There’s also an option to buy one with a Kegulator cap that can keep the beer fresh after it’s opened, so there’s pretty much no downside to investing in a gallon-sized growler for your beer-drinking gathering.

The DrinkTanks Juggernaut is in the fundraising stage on Kickstarter here, where you can get more information on the product and pick one up for just under $70, once they ship in September, assuming the project’s fundraising goal is reached.

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