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Jouley: A Newly Unveiled Electric School Bus from Daimler

by Joseph


School buses save a lot of gas in theory, since they pack a bunch of passengers on board to and from school, but they guzzle a lot of it too, which is why a fleet of all-electric school buses would be a no-brainer that would eventually pay for itself. Enter Jouley, the newly unveiled electric school bus by Thomas Built Buses, a subsidiary of Daimler.

Jouley is a SAF-T-liner C2 electric school bus that can carry as many as 81 calculator jockeys to and from their places of education without any dangerous carbon monoxide emissions or any other byproducts of conventional gasoline powered engines. Instead, the bus is powered by a Daimler 160kwh battery that can keep the bus running for around a hundred miles on a charge, with additional battery options also available.

I seriously doubt if anyone reading this is in the market for a school bus, but just in case – or if you just have an interest in such things – you can get more info on Jouley at the Thomas Built Buses official site right here.

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