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Joto: “The First Connected Display That Draws With a Pen”

by Joseph


Imagine, if you will, a whiteboard that syncs up with your smartphone to create messages, sketches, or doodles, but that delivers them not in digital bits and bytes but in the form of actual ink. That’s the reality offered by Joto.

Joto is billed on its Kickstarter listing as “the first connected display that draws with a pen,” but a sexier (although still accurate) description might be to call it a real drawing robot. It draws whatever you want, from your own work to tweets you find online, on its own erasable white surface—kind of like those create-your-own-greeting-card machines they used to have at the mall.

You can see more of what Joto can do and how it works at the product’s aforementioned Kickstarter listing right here, where pre-orders start at about $200 and up for the next month—and it has well over half of its fundraising goal left to raise.

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