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Jordan Future “Volt”

by Joseph
Jordan Future "Volt"
Jordan Future "Volt"Jordan Future "Volt"Jordan Future "Volt"

The latest addition to the Jordan Future line is brighter and bolder than any other sneaker in the Jordan Brand lineup, at least as far as color is concerned. It’s the Jordan Future “Volt,” and it takes the famous Volt color usually used sparingly in other Nike sneakers and saturates almost the entire sneaker in it, for a shoe so bright you’ll still be seeing it after you close your eyes.

The Jordan Future “Volt” might look familiar to you apart from the recognizable color, thanks to a midsole and outsole on loan from the Air Jordan 11. And it’s the former that gives the sneaker its only non-electrified touch, in white.

Jordan Brand has publicized a few release details on the Jordan Future “Volt,” such as its May 17th release date and its $150 price tag. And if you’ve got a pair of sunglasses handy, you might want to put them on before you check out the sneaker in the gallery up top, with photos courtesy of Nice Kicks here.

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