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‘Jonny Quest’: Classic Adventure Cartoon Now on Boomerang

by Joseph

Jonny Quest

As a public service to the general public I have been keeping an eye on Boomerang, the new streaming service for cartoons in the Hanna-Barbera and Turner libraries. The service has up to now mostly been focused on traditional kids’ fare like Looney Tunes, Droopy, Tom & Jerry, and whatnot, plus newer Cartoon Network shows, but this month they’ve added one of the holy grails of Hanna-Barbera animation – Jonny Quest.

Jonny Quest is an animated adventure series about a boy with the least attentive father of all time, who’s always getting mixed up in supervillainous schemes. The visuals are much sharper and more detailed than the usual H-B style, almost like pulp novel illustrations come to life, but if you’re also a fan of the H-B cute dog genre there’s plenty of screen time for Bandit as well.

Unfortunately, the complete original Jonny Quest series (which is only 26 episodes) isn’t available on Boomerang, but the show is instead being presented with a curated selection of episodes. Still, it’s a chance to watch Jonny Quest, so I’ll take it. Here’s hoping Space Ghost and Dino Boy gets added soon.

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