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Jon Stewart Signs “Exclusive Four-Year Production Pact” With HBO

by Joseph
Jon Stewart HBO

Jon Stewart HBO

Jon Stewart is apparently not as content with his post-Daily Show retirement as a lot of people assumed he would be, because he’s getting back on the saddle again in time for Election 2016. A much smaller, less strenuous, more comfortable saddle, definitely, but still a saddle. Premium cable giant HBO just signed the comedian on for an “exclusive four-year production pact” according to a recent press release.

The press release implies that the deal will encompass an as-yet-undetermined array of projects, which is exciting news for Jon Stewart’s fans. But it does specify that the first thing we’ll see from Stewart and HBO won’t be a simple rehash of The Daily Show, but instead “timely short-form digital content” that will be released to HBO’s online platforms throughout a given day.

You can read HBO’s press release on their Jon Stewart production deal right here. Bottom line – you won’t have to suffer through the rest of this election season without him, which is very good news.

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