Home Tech & Gear Johnny Catch: A Magnetic Bottle Opener for Your Wall (Video)

Johnny Catch: A Magnetic Bottle Opener for Your Wall (Video)

by Joseph
Johnny Catch

Johnny Catch

Almost a year ago, we told you about the DropCatch, a magnetic, wall-mounted bottle opener for your house, apartment, office, or dorm (remember, underage drinkers: root beer sometimes needs a bottle opener too). Now, a new magnetic, wall-mounted bottle opener is in town, and it’s also using Kickstarter to get off the ground.

It’s called Johnny Catch, and its creators say that it is the “world’s most functional and minimalistic wallmounted bottle opener,” a reference to its sleek design in comparison to the DropCatch. In fact, Johnny Catch is so minimalistic in its design that at first glance your guests might not even know what it is—unless you’ve racked up a decent amount of bottle caps on the magnetic cap-catcher.

Johnny Catch’s Kickstarter page here will be up and running until early next month, but the item has already made almost three times its original fundraising goal. So expect to see it on the market soon.

And here’s a promotional video showing Johnny Catch in action:


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