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Johnnie Walker Platinum

by Joseph
johnny walker platinum

johnny walker platinum

Famous whiskey brand Johnnie Walker has added a new label to their famous line of scotch whiskeys: Johnnie Walker Platinum. The addition is a bigger deal than most brand-related news, since Johnnie Walker has had so few labels under its main brand in the past.

Johnnie Walker Platinum fits in between the flagship Black label and the top-of-the-line Blue label, costing $110 per bottle. According to tasting notes directly from JW, the Platinum whiskey “is characterized by a sweet yet elegant Speyside style and subtle Islay smokiness. There is a waxy, fruity and sweet taste mixed with slight drying astringency and subtle smokiness.” Sounds pretty good, right?

Johnie Walker Platinum first hit liquor stores last month, so you should be able to snag a bottle for yourself now. And for more information, head to Johnnie Walker’s website here.

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