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Johnnie Walker Boldest Wax for Mustaches: “Complements a Johnnie & Ginger”

by Joseph
Johnnie Walker Boldest Wax

Johnnie Walker Boldest Wax

It may not be a good subject for polite dinner conversation, but graduate-level mustachiers know that one’s mustache can often interact with the flavors of foods and beverages in unexpected ways. The people at Johnnie Walker are acknowledging this open secret in public, with the release of Johnnie Walker Boldest Wax, a mustache wax that “complements a Johnnie & Ginger,” and presumably other Johnnie Walker beverages as well.

Johnnie Walker Boldest Wax is available in three different varieties – one from ginger root, one from piperine pepper, and citrus essence – and the idea is that a freshly waxed mustache coated in this stuff will make Johnnie Walker Red Label taste better. Cool? Funny? Disgusting? How you feel about it probably depends largely on your relationship with your mustache.

That relationship will also dictate whether you head to the Johnnie Walker Boldest Wax site here to pick up a tin for yourself at nine bucks a pop – whiskey not included.

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