Home Entertainment ‘Joe Strummer 001’ Box Set Collects Strummer’s Work Outside The Clash

‘Joe Strummer 001’ Box Set Collects Strummer’s Work Outside The Clash

by Joseph
Joe Strummer 001

Joe Strummer 001

Joe Strummer’s place in rock history would be secure even if he never set foot in a recording studio before or after his work with The Clash, but a new box set seeks to explore the stuff he did on his own without the band, with some newly discovered tracks thrown in to make it really interesting. It’s called Joe Strummer 001, and here’s the press statement on the treasures to be found in the upcoming box set:

“On going through cassettes and recording tapes it was discovered that Joe was rather frugal and keen on hiding tracks. On cassettes he would leave 20 minutes between songs. On the 1″ 8 track recordings it was discovered there were hidden tracks superimposed onto each other. For example tracks 1-4 were taken by one song and tracks 5-8 by two other songs which were thought when played back to be caused by tape denigration until the tapes went to Peter J Moore who was able to separate one song from another.”

Joe Strummer 001 collects Strummer’s work with his pre-Clash pub rock band The 101ers as well as his post-Clash outfit the Mescaleros, plus a scattering of songs from various film soundtracks and a whole album’s worth of the aforementioned unreleased tracks. Here’s a taste:


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