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Jiva Classic Coffee Cubes

by Joseph
Jiva Classic Coffee Cubes

Jiva Classic Coffee Cubes

The process behind a hot cup of coffee is generally considered to be a pretty involved one, even in an age of instant coffee, Starbucks, and so on. But the coffee wizards at Jiva have simplified the process to an almost embarrassing degree, with Jiva Classic Coffee Cubes.

Jiva Classic Coffee Cubes are concentrated prisms (they don’t look like actual cubes to me) of “ethically sourced 100% Colombian Arabica beans” and pure cane sugar, which you’re supposed to drop into water or milk and stir for a cup of coffee of the future. And it doesn’t even have to be hot!

Jiva also makes a Hot Chocolate Cube for those who aren’t coffee drinkers, but both varieties of Jiva Cubes could become essential items for campers, hikers, or anyone who enjoys stirring blocks of solid matter into a smooth liquid mixture.

You can buy a pack of 24 Jiva Classic Coffee Cubes from Amazon here for $14.99 a box.

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