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Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Civilians During “New iPhone 5” Bit (Video)

by Joseph

jimmy kimmel iphone 5


It’s easy to get really excited when something like the new iPhone gets released, what with the huge amount of media hype and the cult following that Apple has built around it. And the people at Jimmy Kimmel Live have exploited this excitement for a pretty funny bit, in which they approached people on the street with a camera and “the new iPhone 5,” which is actually just a plain old iPhone 4S.

As you might expect, the people were astounded at how much an improvement this “new” iPhone was over the old one. As you can see in the video below, some people say it’s faster, with a clearer and brighter display – and one guy even says it feels lighter than his old phone!

I bet he feels awfully stupid right about now.

Check it out:

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