Home Entertainment ‘Jigsaw’: Finally, ‘Saw’ is Being Updated for Modern Audiences (Trailer)

‘Jigsaw’: Finally, ‘Saw’ is Being Updated for Modern Audiences (Trailer)

by Joseph


I recently watched the 2004 horror film Saw with my tween son Flour, and instead of the suspenseful creepshow of my youth that I remembered, I discovered that the film was near-incomprehensible to Flour’s young eyes. I faced a frontal barrage of questions throughout the film’s runtime: “Why doesn’t Cary Elwes just use an app to escape the basement?” “Does Jigsaw use Uber or Lyft?” “Wouldn’t the victims’ Facebook friends notice if they don’t post for a few days?” And so on. So all I can say now is, thank goodness for Jigsaw, the upcoming next installment of the Saw franchise.

Jigsaw follows the same general formula of the Saw films, judging from the trailer that recently hit the internet. A group of young people become ensnared in some really unpleasant “Would You Rather” scenarios, all to serve the grand design of a psychopath who dresses like a clown. It’s set ten years after Jigsaw’s death – so maybe it’s more of a sequel than a reboot, but in any case, everybody has a smartphone.

Check out the trailer for Jigsaw below. In the Saw tradition, the movie comes out right around Halloween, this time on October 27th, and you can take a look at its official site right here.

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