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Jif Jaf: An Oreo Cookie Designed for Chinese Consumers

by Joseph
Jif Jaf

Jif Jaf

Here’s a good lesson in cultural relativity. In the United States, I think almost everybody likes Oreo cookies. It’s tough to imagine anyone not liking them, but a jump halfway across the globe finds an entire culture that just doesn’t connect with Oreos, and in fact Kraft was reportedly losing money on every Oreo cookie they managed to sell in China less than ten years after its Chinese debut in 1996. But now, the folks at Kraft have whipped up a Chinese Oreo equivalent called Jif Jaf. Here’s the info, courtesy of Kraft’s Twitter account:


Similar to M&Ms, each variety of Jif Jaf snacks has its own mascot with its own distinct personality: The cheese flavor is a “seductive” womanizer, the matcha character is a relaxed Zen meditation fan, and the chili character is an extreme sports adrenaline addict.

So the next time you’re in China, check out Jif Jaf. Or just read a bit more on the product right here, and dare to dream.

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