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Jibo: Your New Robot Friend (Video)

by Joseph


Robots tend to get pretty rough treatment at the hands of the media – they’re either mindless laborers or superintelligent killers. But Jibo is a robot that flies in the face of those stereotypes by being friendly, helpful, and (hopefully) not secretly plotting to kill all humans.

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw the commercial for Jibo, I thought it was a piece of viral marketing for some scifi horror movie. But it’s a real product, developed by Cynthia Breazeal, one of the foremost robotics experts in the world. And it’s equipped with two high-resolution cameras that can recognize and track multiple faces in the room, which allows Jibo to communicate with the members of its household in an almost human way.

Jibo isn’t slated to start opening pod bay doors for lucky families until December of next year, but you can place your order for one now starting at $349 on IndieGoGo here. You can also watch that video I mentioned that shows what Jibo will supposedly be capable of below.



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