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JetCart: Jet-Powered Go-Kart by Colin Furze (Video)

by Joseph


A guy named Colin Furze apparently had some time to kill, so instead of doing laundry or tidying up the kitchen he designed a fire-breathing, jet-powered go-kart called the JetCart (or, alternatively, the JetKart). That added power gives the vehicle enough speed to keep up with regular cars, but it’s really its visual component that’s the most impressive.

The JetCart literally spits fire in its wake, and its exhaust pipes glow red because of the heat. I doubt if it will be taking the place of any traditional go-karts any time soon, since it’s probably too terrifying for most kids to drive, but it’s definitely fun to watch it in action.

You can do just that by watching the JetCart’s unveiling video below. And for more from the JetCart’s creator Colin Furze, including more videos about the construction of his masterpiece, take a look at his official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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