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Jet Engine Ceiling Fans From Phighter Images

by Joseph
Jet Engine Ceiling Fans via Cool Material

Jet Engine Ceiling Fans

On a truly sweltering summer day, it’s possible you’ve looked at a passing jet plane and pondered the cooling capabilities of one of those giant jet engines (humidity can sometimes do weird things to your brain). Such thoughts are basically irrational, but now you can satisfy them with Jet Engine Ceiling Fans by Phighter Images.

Jet Engine Ceiling Fans, like all of the specialty items by Phighter Images, are made from actual re-purposed airplane parts. In this particular case, the fans are made from real Pratt/Whitney jet engines with JT8 blades, to cool your living room and hopefully not turn your face into salad.

There’s no price set for Phighter Images Jet Engine Ceiling Fans as of yet, but you can get more information and stay tuned for further availability details right here, at the Phighter Images official site. And if you’re doing any flying this holiday season, remember that the jet you fly in could end up being part of your apartment decor.

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