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Jenga Ocean Has Blocks Made from Recycled Fishing Nets

by Joseph
Jenga Ocean

Jenga Ocean

Just when I think I’ve gotten a grip on the culture and what is has in store, something comes along that completely blindsides me. Case in point: Jenga Ocean, a new version of the popular party game featuring blocks – normally made of wood – constructed out of sorcery or science from recycled fishing nets.

Apparently it takes more than 25 square feet of discarded fishing nets to make a single set of Jenga Ocean stacking blocks, all from Bureo’s Net Positiva program for recycling fishing nets that would otherwise pose serious environmental hazards. As for how it plays, I couldn’t tell you firsthand, but the idea is to help save the ocean while you’re getting your precious Jenga fix, so maybe save the woodblock purism for our post-environmental-crisis utopia, OK?

Get more information on Jenga Ocean, and order your own set for about fifty bucks (hey, it’s for a good cause) from Bureo’s official site right here.

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