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Jelly Belly Releases Beer-Flavored Jelly Bean

by Joseph
Draft Beer Jelly Belly

Draft Beer Jelly Belly

It had to happen eventually: The wizards at Jelly Belly have finally come up with a beer-flavored jelly bean to add to their impressive array of flavors. The flavor’s precise name is “Draft Beer,” and it’s said to be an homage to the brand’s German heritage (I can think of a couple worse directions they could have gone with that, maybe we should be thankful this isn’t a “Wiener Schnitzel” jelly bean).

According to Jelly Belly, the “Draft Beer” jelly bean tastes like a “Hefeweizen-inspired ale,” which was only the beginning of the company’s hilarious description of the bean’s flavor:

“The effervescent and crisp flavor is packed in a golden jelly bean with an iridescent finish. Beer connoisseurs will find the flavor profile to be clean with notes of wheat and a touch of sweetness. The aroma is mildly bready.”

That flavor is said to be joined by “a jewel-like finish for a fresh from the tap ‘bubbly’ look.” I’m glad they really put some thought into this one.

Anyway, if you’re anything like me you’re probably dying to try a “Draft Beer” Jelly Belly for yourself, which you can do by heading to Jelly Belly’s website here and placing an order. And remember, they’re non-alcoholic, so eat as much as you want.

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