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Jeep Mud Mask: “Adventure in a Can”

by Joseph
Jeep Mud Mask

Jeep Mud Mask

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Jeep brand, and one of the reasons the company has survived so long is image-related; everyone associates Jeep with outdoor adventure, and the brand has thrived as a result. But if the only thing you did with your Jeep was drive to church, you now have a way to keep your (and Jeep’s) adventurous reputation intact with the Jeep Mud Mask.

The Jeep Mud Mask can safely be classified as a corporate gag gift, since all it really is is a can of dirt. The idea is that you add some water, apply the “Mud Mask” to your Jeep vehicle, and it will look to all outward appearances like you’ve been exploring dirty and dangerous terrain as God intended all Jeep drivers to do.

Not available for sale and only produced in a limited edition of 75 cans, the Jeep Mud Mask can be replicated in your own backyard, provided you’ve got enough dirt and water to at least smear on the windows. But for more you can head over to the official (German) Jeep site right here.

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