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Jean Hanger: Dry Your Jeans Without Ruining Them

by Joseph
Jean Hanger

Jean Hanger

There’s a school of thought out there that says you shouldn’t wash your jeans – ever. True or not, eventually most of us are going to give up and throw our jeans in the washing machine, but the real damage is done in the dryer afterwards, not in the washing machine. With the Jean Hanger, you can hang your jeans out to dry and stay away from that whole area altogether.

The Jean Hanger is an ingeniously and elegantly designed clothes hanger specifically made to hang a pair of jeans by the belt loops (as seen in the photo above). Jeans between 22 inches and 44 inches are accommodated by the solid beechwood hangers, and at about eight bucks a pop they’re not an extravagant expense against the value of maintaining your jeans with previously unknown care.

You can get a Jean Hanger for that price at Kickstarter here, which has well over a month to go and has already exceeded its fundraising goal. People love to hang jeans, clearly.

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