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Jay-Z Seen In Chain Embroidery Necklace From Lanvin

by Joseph

Jay-Z in Lanvin necklace

Rapper Jay-Z was recently seen at rap journalist Elliott Wilson’s 42nd birthday party, and he had a nice piece of jewelry on for the occasion. It was a bronze-colored necklace, made from brass, from Lanvin’s 2012 fall/winter menswear collection.

As you can see in the above photo, it’s a subtle but striking piece, perfect for a guy like Jay-Z, who specializes in casual but upscale style choices in pretty much every aspect of his public life.

If you think you could pull off that necklace as well as Jay has, you can get one here for an asking price of $302. It might be a worthwhile purchase, particularly if you have any high-profile rap journalists’ birthday parties to attend.

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