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Jay-Z’s Old “Stash Spot” Is Worth $870K (Photos)

by Joseph
Jay Z's Old Apartment
Jay Z's Old ApartmentJay Z's Old ApartmentJay Z's Old ApartmentJay Z's Old ApartmentJay Z's Old Apartment

One of the key pieces of Jay-Z‘s mythology is his old “stash spot” at 560 State in New York, as mentioned in the track “Empire State of Mind.” Now, Jay’s old digs in apartment 10C has hit the market, priced at almost $900,000.

It’s a fairly modest 2-bedroom duplex, but you can’t really put a price on living in the same place that Jay-Z began his ascent to music stardom, can you? Probably the most surprising aspect of the apartment is its comically small kitchen—it’s a safe bet that every shower in Jay Z’s new house is significantly larger than the kitchen is here.

The owners of Jay Z’s former apartment on 560 State Street are currently asking for $870,000 for the apartment.  You can check out the listing here, but if you’d just like to look, rather than placing a bid, there are some photos of the place in the gallery up top.

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