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‘Jaws’ Coming Back to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

by Joseph


When it comes to the title of Greatest Summer Movie of All Time, there really isn’t any debate to be had on the subject. It’s most definitely Jaws, and this summer marks the 40th since Spielberg & Benchley’s killer shark terrorized the citizens and tourists of Amity Island.  To celebrate, the movie is headed to a nationwide re-release next month.

Courtesy of Universal, Turner Classic Movies, and Fathom Events, Jaws will hit a theater near you on June 21st, hosted by TCM host Ben Mankiewicz, with an encore presentation three days after that. It’s a cool way to see a movie on the big screen that a lot of people have only ever seen on TV, and perfect fare for the summer.

You can get some more information on the 40th anniversary Jaws celebration, and get your tickets for the event, over here at the official Fathom Events site.


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