Home Entertainment ‘Jaws 19’ Gets Funny Trailer for ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Day (Video)

‘Jaws 19’ Gets Funny Trailer for ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Day (Video)

by Joseph
Jaws 19

Jaws 19

Yesterday I wrote about Pepsi Perfect, Pepsi’s contribution to the growing deluge of Back to the Future Part II promotional stuff, coinciding with the day and year that represented the future in that movie. Today, there’s another even better item being featured, and you don’t have to drop twenty bucks on a bottle of soda to appreciate it. It’s a trailer for Jaws 19.

The coolest thing about the trailer is that it touches on all the intermediary sequels that would have had to take place following the last real one to make Jaws 19 a reality as seen in Back to the Future II. It gives us very brief glimpses (in the form of title cards and voice over narration) of each one, but the version of, say, a Jaws sequel featuring a cybernetic shark that exists in my imagination is probably better than anything Universal could come up with.

You can watch the trailer for Jaws 19 below. It’s probably not coming soon, unless a bunch of studio executives get extremely desperate, but you can check out the new Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray here instead.

Here’s the video:

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