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Jar Pies: Pie In A Jar

by Joseph
Jar Pies

Jar Pies

Do you remember that delicious product seen in The Jerk, Pizza In A Cup? It would appear that we’re one step closer to it becoming real, thanks to New York City bakery Jam Jar. The Jam Jar has come out with a product known as the Jar Pie, a single serving of pie (all of the sweet variety, no pizza) contained inside a jar. What more can be said?

We’ll start with the impressive array of flavors available in jar form, from “Monkey Madness” and “Lemon Lust” to, simply, “Apple.” And, in case you were worried about this, each Pie Jar comes with a spoon, so the odds of you scarfing the whole thing down in your car are exponentially higher than they might otherwise be.

Pie Jars can be checked out and ordered for delivery from the Jam Jar online store here, where each pie (in a jar) is priced at $6.


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