Home Entertainment Japanese ‘The Defenders’ Promo Narrated by Stan Lee (Video)

Japanese ‘The Defenders’ Promo Narrated by Stan Lee (Video)

by Joseph
Japanese The Defenders Promo

Japanese The Defenders Promo

I keep reading that Marvel Comics overlord Stan Lee is retiring from public life, and then I keep seeing footage of him at conventions and cameos in the movies and TV shows based on his creations. His latest work as Marvel’s official mascot is part of the proud tradition of celebrities doing weird commercials in Japan: A Japanese The Defenders promo narrated by and starring The Man himself.

Stan Lee’s Japanese The Defenders promo is in an unusually serious, perhaps even somber, register compared to Lee’s usual boisterous persona. It features him ruminating on the true nature of heroism while he rides around in the backseat of a car like he’s Michael Clayton or something.

Check out the new Japanese The Defenders promo below, starring none other than Stan Lee, and keep an eye on your friendly neighborhood Netflix account for the show to drop on August 18th.

Face front, true believers:

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