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Japanese Lingerie Company Developing “True Love Tester” (Video)

by Joseph
True Love Tester

True Love Tester

This could either be good or bad news, depending on your perspective. Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has announced that they’re working on “True Love Tester” technology that would prevent the user’s bra from being undone unless she’s really in love.

Basically, the True Love Tester would work via a Bluetooth smartphone app that can analyze the user’s heart rate, catecholamine levels, and other data in order to determine whether or not she’s in love before unlocking the bra and allowing for whatever the Japanese word for “sex” is. It is, as you might imagine, still in the planning stages, but the company has released a hilarious video promoting the idea.

You can watch Rvijour’s “True Love Tester” in action in the video below. Could something like this actually work? Or will it just lead to more people having sex without removing their bra? This is one aspect of love in the future that was not addressed in the movie Her.

Here’s the video:

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