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Jameson Special Edition St. Patrick’s Day Bottles

by Joseph
Jameson St. Patrick's Day 2015

Jameson St. Patrick's Day 2015

St. Patrick’s Day is like Christmas for whiskey, so it behooves every whiskey brand to try to do something special for the holiday. And that’s truer for Jameson than any other brand – which explains the now five-year tradition of special edition St. Patrick’s Day bottles observed by the brand.

The St. Patrick’s Day 2015 special edition Jameson bottles come wrapped in a label designed by illustrator Steve Simpson, with plenty of local Irish color keeping things authentically green. Making things even more special is the bottle’s scarcity, as it’s only available in 50 markets worldwide.

You can get a lot more information on all of the St. Paddy’s Day 2015 festivities from Jameson, including their special limited edition Steve Simpson label bottles, at the brand’s official website right here. To buy one, though, you’ll have to head to one of the select retailers nearest you that will carry them as we get closer to the holiday.

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