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‘James Bond Cars’ Book Coming Next Month

by Joseph
James Bond Cars

James Bond Cars

James Bond, as a person, is like 90 percent defined by his stuff (and I say this as a Bond fan). And the most important piece of stuff that he owns is always his car, whatever model he might be driving at the time. It’s that line of cars that is the subject of the upcoming book James Bond Cars.

James Bond Cars covers 007’s entire automotive history going back 53 years to his first cinematic adventure, Dr. No and his Sunbeam Tiger, a fairly mundane machine compared to the gadget-packed cars he would take on missions in later years.

Authored by Frederic Brun, James Bond Cars also covers less orthodox modes of conveyance used by Bond over the years, like jetpacks, motor gondolas, and airplanes. It comes out in just over a month, but until then you can take advantage of Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee by pre-ordering the book from Amazon right here.

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