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FSU Angry Over Jameis Winston “Jesus” T-Shirts

by Joseph
Jameis Winston Jesus T-Shirt

Jameis Winston Jesus T-Shirt

If you haven’t been paying attention to Florida State University football, you might not know the name of Jameis Winston, but FSU fans definitely do.  In just his first three games as quarterback, he’s made FSU a possible national championship hopeful, which has led some to think he’s the Second Coming.

Those thoughts are made literal by a new t-shirt from one Florida State fan, who designed the t-shirt pictured above.  But FSU isn’t happy about the irreverent shirt design, and they’ve made a cease & desist order in an attempt to stop the production and sale of the shirts.

But the t-shirt’s creator says he’s going to keep selling the shirts at FSU games. So if you want one, head down to Tallahassee, Florida, for a piece of religious memorabilia.

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