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Jake Weidmann: World’s Youngest Master Penman Profiled by ‘Uproxx’ (Video)

by Joseph
Jake Weidmann

Jake Weinmann

Having good penmanship is one thing (albeit increasingly rare in the modern world), but it takes a special class to become an official Master Penman. So special, in fact, that there are only 12 Master Penmen in the world – Jake Weidmann is the youngest one, by a space of three decades, and he’s the subject of a recent video profile in Uproxx.

One thing that the video makes clear is that Jake Weidmann is a man who takes handwriting very, very seriously. He’s also an artist, and he approaches his art with the elegance of a particularly fastidious handwriter. And personally, even as someone with defiantly terrible handwriting, I think it’s pretty cool.

You can see if you agree by watching Jake Weidmann lay out his life philosophy and work in the video below. And for God’s sake, practice your penmanship for a few minutes, would you? It’s not gonna kill you.

Here’s the video:

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