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Jaguar Unveils Virtual Windscreen Concept (Video)

by Joseph
Jaguar Virtual Windscreen

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen

It’s pretty much in agreement by consensus that the future of driving will be significantly different from how we think of the activity today. For one, technology is getting to the point where data can be projected over a driver’s windshield, creating experience that seems like a video game but will probably seem standard in 20 years or so. The latest example of this advancement comes from Jaguar, who recently unveiled their Virtual Windscreen concept.

The Virtual Windscreen shows drivers everything from how fast they’re going and what gear they’re in to functions that are engineered specifically for competitive racing. It was developed by Jaguar for the Land Rover, but it will be a while before you start seeing it on the road.

The Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Windscreen is just in the concept stage for now, but you can see how it works in the video from Jaguar below. It’s reportedly expected that it will hit production in about ten years, so start saving your pennies now.

Here’s the video:

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