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Jaguar Future-Type Autonomous Concept Car

by Joseph
Jaguar "Future-Type"

Jaguar "Future-Type"

Imagine this: Instead of owning a car, you only own a steering wheel. At the present, such a device would be more or less useless, unless you’re a toddler who enjoys pretending to drive and making “vroom vroom” sounds. But in the future, a smart steering wheel might be what you own instead of a car, which is the idea behind the recently unveiled Jaguar Future-Type concept car – “in a future world of on demand and shared mobility, you may only fully own the steering wheel, not the car itself,” according to Jaguar.

The Jaguar Future-Type would essentially belong to a community of drivers, who would be able to summon the nearest available car with their voice-activated smart steering wheel equipped with “Sayer” technology. The Future-Type would be autonomous and in communication with other self-driving cars on the road, but manual driving would also be possible, in case you’re worried about any Minority Report scenarios springing up in the next 20 or 30 years.

Jaguar says the Jaguar Future-Type car is supposed to “appeal to customers in 2040 and beyond.” You can read more about the project right here.


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