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Jaguar E-PACE Makes Record-Breaking Barrel Roll (Video)

by Joseph
Jaguar E-PACE Barrel Roll

Jaguar E-PACE Barrel Roll

In 1974, Agent 007 James Bond, as portrayed by the recently departed Roger Moore, performed a crazy barrel roll in his Aston Martin as seen in the film The Man with the Golden Gun. Now, the new Jaguar E-PACE has been used to make a record-breaking riff on that famous stunt, courtesy of famous stunt driver Terry Grant.

That the Jaguar E-PACE is an SUV just makes the new Guinness World Record for “Furthest Barrel Roll in a Production Vehicle” all the more impressive. The jump was 15.3 meters long, and the spin was 270 degrees around, but numbers like that are pretty much powerless in the face of video of the stunt, which thankfully you can see for yourself.

You can do that by checking out the Jaguar E-PACE make the Furthest Barrel Roll in a Production Vehicle in the video below, which mercifully is just a minute long. And for more on the vehicle that you definitely shouldn’t try to do this in, take a look at the official Jaguar site here.

No slide-whistle, unfortunately:

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