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Jack Puzzle Desk Toy From Craighill

by Joseph
Jack Puzzle

Jack Puzzle

When I see the phrase “Jack Puzzle,” I think of a man’s name, possibly a man who’s really good at puzzles and uses those abilities to fight crime. But the actual Jack Puzzle is almost as cool, getting its name from the classic childhood game.

The Jack Puzzle is made up of six brass bars that can be interlocked into a “jack” shape, as seen in the photo up at the top. Figuring out exactly how this is done is of course the goal of the puzzle, but if you get stuck it also comes with assembly instructions so you can put it back together again.

It’s apparently a pretty popular item, since at the Craighill online store here the Jack Puzzle is backordered until April 6th.  When you consider that the puzzle is a not-cheap $108, that’s even more impressive, so if you’re looking for a top-notch desk toy this might be your best bet.

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